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I’ve been baking bread today! Check out this beautiful loaf! And it is delicious. I managed to snap a picture before its full demolishment! This recipe is from Faith at The Knitting Cook podcast. Give her a listen and the recipe is in the show notes!


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The weather was very rainy and very blustery yesterday. The Saratoga Head of the Fish was held on Fish Creek. It was supposed to be yesterday and today, but today was cancelled due to high winds. But, Mark was able to race yesterday – AND HE WON HIS RACE!!!! Another medal and maybe even one of the prized “Fish Head” plaques! The weather was so bad though, that I did not get a good picture of him.

Here’s some progress on the Regia Yarn socks that I’m doing. The yarn was sent to me by my Tea Swap Buddy and I love it! The Rowing Cat has already stated that this pair belongs to her . . .

Here’s a nice shot of the tree in front of our house. The colors are absolutely gorgeous! That is, until today – by the end of the day the tree will probably be bare because of the wind!

And here is a photo of the hat I made with the purple silk/merino I spun. I will now forever think of this as my “Amethyst” hat. Want to know why?? Head on over to Nora’s website and see!

I’ve also been doing some more spindle spinning. I’m trying to spin very thin singles so I can try plying. We’ll see how that goes!

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Rhinebeck Recovery

What a day, what a day . . . It was the most fun I have had in a long time! There were 2 buses from our LYS ready to go Saturday morning. Once we were on our way, the needles came out and the discussions started. It was so much fun to oogle other folks projects! And I was teaching Tracey the Magic Loop method for her first pair of socks, so there were lots of questions about how I was knitting!

The weather was absolutely PERFECT! And the people there were lovely! Everyone seemed to be wearing their own handknits, whether sweaters or shawls or scarves or hats, etc. I had my Market Bag with me and kept having people stop to compliment me on it! What fun!

Tracey (this is her posing by the angora bunny) and I made the rounds and still did not have a chance to see it all. Unbelievable. I was able to purchase a wonderful skein of Briar Rose sock yarn, 2 packs of Merino roving, and a gift for my Secret Pal. I was able to find just what I wanted. But boy, could you spend some serious $$$ if you wanted to.

The animals were wonderful too. Lots of llamas, sheep, bunnies and a sheep herding demonstration! I’ve never seen border collies working live, so that was quite a treat!

But the best part of the day was running into Wendy and Christina of the Knitty D and the City Podcast!!!!! I recognized Wendy and can hardly believe I was bold enough to go right up to her and say hello! They were both so nice AND Wendy whipped out her IRiver and asked if we WANTED TO BE INTERVIEWED FOR THE PODCAST!!! So we were! Not sure if we’ll make the final cut – but I’ll be sure to post when the episode comes out! I have to say it felt a little like meeting rock stars! And they talke to US!!!! That really made my day – and that happened early in the day!

As you can imagine, by the end of the day we were EXHAUSTED! We did not score any Socks That Rock, but were able to get our share of goodies. Maybe next year we’ll bring our daughters and stay overnight. One way or another, I can’t wait!

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I’m off to Rhinebeck tomorrow – can’t wait! I’ll be using my Market Bag to carry all my goodies in – if you see me, come say hello!

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Market Bag

Knitty D and Wendy mentioned the Market Bag from Knitter’s Magazine in their latest podcast. I loved that particular pattern and I thought I’d post a picture of the finished product! The colors are great and I often use it as my travelling knitting bag!

Some photos of the volleyball team from Saturday. I actually got to see the Rowing Cat play! I usually miss the games because they are played when I am at work, so this was fun! And they won! The amazing thing is that there are only 6 girls on the team right now, so they all play all the time. There’s some pretty good talent there!

The Rowing Cat in action!

With apologies to the Yarn Harlot, I just had to take a picture of the socks in the school colors! I wasn’t quite bold enough to take the shoe off, but you get the idea!

Just a nice shot of the Japanese maple in our front yard. It is just starting to turn red. When it turns completely it is breathtaking!

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My Tea Buddy Struck!

My tea swap partner Suzanne send a wonderful package! I worked late tonight and didn’t get home until after 8pm. The Rowing Cat was practically jumping out of her skin with excitement! I let her open some of the packages and she was in heaven! My husband has already eaten half of the delicious shortbread cookies and I can’t wait to try the teas! The box of caramel Nips is coming to work with me tomorrow!

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Saratoga Pictures

I thought I’d post a few pictures of Saratoga – there will be more as I get around town with the camera. These are just from Sunday morning after breakfast out. Of course, my husband and daughter were just supposed to go get the car and pick me up – a distance of about 2 blocks – and what did they do? They got in the car and started to drive home without me! I was wondering why it took them so long to drive 2 blocks . . . !

This is a picture of the horse in front of City Hall. Every August the horse statues come out in celebration of the six weeks of thouroughbred horse racing at the Saratoga Race Course. There are several different ones up and down Broadway. They’ll soon be brought in for the winter.

This is a picture of the clock in front of the Adirondack Trust Company, the local Saratoga bank. I like the way it reflects the Victorian heyday of the city.

This is a picture of my family’s pharmacy! The store has been in existence since the early 1860’s and in it’s current location since 1871 when the building was built! Menges and Curtis were the original owners and the name has been the same ever since. My Dad bought the business in the very early 60’s and my brothers own the business and the building now. It is an old-fashioned pharmacy with lots of interesting front end items. The sign is made of small squares of glass. I spent one summer cleaning every one of them by hand – it took forever because I couldn’t push hard or they would come out of the panel.

And here is a picture of my LYS, Saratoga Needle Arts! The horse in the window is named “Purl” and changes her accessories regularly. My sister-in-law and I are going to Rhinebeck with a bus trip that the store puts together each year!

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