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It has been one year since my mammogram and breast cancer diagnosis. So to celebrate one year down, I thought I’d have a little contest!

Just go to the Click to Give Free Mammograms site and then leave me a comment. I’ll do a random drawing on Feb 29 for the winner!

What can you win? How about a luscious skein of Sasquatch Sock yarn dyed by the lovely Miss Violet? It’s a skein of superwash wool in the colorway “Dream Date”!


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Better Late Than Never!

Holly Jo tagged me for this a while back!

4 Jobs I’ve Held:

Bus Girl
Federal Funds Coordinator
Admin. Asst to the Mayor
Financial Aid Counselor

4 Movies I Watch Over and Over

Waking Ned Devine
Lord of the Rings
Local Hero

4 Places I Have Been

The Abacos, Bahamas
Kalispell, Montana

4 Places I Have Lived

Saratoga Springs, NY
Marblehead, MA
Jupiter, FL
East Sandwich, Cape Cod, MA

4 TV Shows I Watch


4 People Who Email Me Regularly

My daughter
My mother
My father-in-law
Friends from high school

4 Favorite Foods

Veal Cutlets with Tomato Sauce
Escarole Soup
Clams and Linguini

4 Places I Would Rather Be:

Cape Cod

4 Things I’m Looking Forward to

Key West in April
My daughter’s college graduation ( a ways away, but I’m still looking forward to it!)
Getting to the 5 year mark (1 down, 4 to go)
Summer on Lake George

4 People to Tag





Still no knitting – but some spinning! I have one more color to make this trio from Spunky Eclectic’s Party Dress. I split the roving into the three separate colors and will try 3 plying them together now that I have enough bobbins! The colors are much brighter than this picture shows – neon even!

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Oh No!

Well, here is a picture of thee culprit. I had nothing to do with it. Seriously. This wool sock, my latest from my andspun, sent me careening down a small flight of wood stairs and right into a broken finger! Can you believe it??? So now I’m splinted up and no knitting for a week or so 😦 Sheesh!


A little Gore Mountain interlude – the Rowing Cat all suited up and ready to go! She is actually doing very well. I just hope she appreciates the VERY EXPENSIVE new boots and helmet 😉


Now, I know I can’t knit with this finger, but I experimented and found that I can still spin! So I should be able to get through lots of fiber this week! This is one of my Rhinebeck purchases – it’s plying up beautifully – it’s destined to become a shawl.


I joined the Magic Ball swap on Ravelry and this weekend my ball arrived! It’s a beautiful skein of yarn hand dyed by Lucy of Mind’s Eye Knits! It is abslutely gorgeous. My partner sent me the pattern for Monkey socks and I cast on right away (prior to the finger debacle . . .) I don’t know why I haven’t tried any of Cookie A’s patterns before – it is a breeze! The socks are going to be fabulous – when I get to finish them that is . . . 😉


The ball was jam packed with goodies with a Boston theme from candy to stitch markers to “sea glass” picked out by my partner’s 5 year old daughter! It was so much fun to unwrap – the Rowing Cat had to help each step of the way! Mark just watched and shook his head in disbelief! My partner should get her ball today – hope she likes it!


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