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Sophia asked me to read the beginning of her new story and I thought it was so good that I just had to share!

Don’t you want to know what happens next???  And you know that college writing class that she got to take this semester that she was stressing so much about?  The professor gave her a 97 on her research paper and asked her if he could use it as an example in his future writing classes!  Look for her novel at Borders in about 10 years!

I thought I’d show you how I’m preparing and spinning the 4 oz. of Enchanted Knoll Farm Superwash Merino in the Flannel PJ’s colorway.


This is how it arrives.  I could spin this directly but I would like to make a skein of striped yarn that captures all of the color changes.

I split the roving down the middle into two long roving.  Then I took one of the lengths, split in two and pre-drafted.  I rolled each into a birdnest making sure to start each one at the same end of the length.

I am spinning the first of these.  You can clearly see the stripes of color!

Here is the second half of the roving.  I’ll do the same to this half.  It is split in two and each half is pre-drafted and rolled.

This shows the difference before and after pre-drafting.

The fibers are all nicely spread out and smooth.  They will just fly onto the wheel!

So I spun one of the first half of roving and will now spin the first of the second half.  That will fill one bobbin.  Then I will do the second bobbin in the same order.  What should result is two bobbins with exactly the same striping pattern.  Then I will ply the two together to make a two ply yarn that is perfectly (or almost 😉 striped.   Then it will be off to my Etsy shop!

Oh yes, it also snowed again today . . . 🙂

Tomorrow it’s dinner with some friends visiting Saratoga for the weekend!  And more snow on Tuesday . . .


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Well, it snowed Friday night! And boy, did it snow . . . At least is was soft and feathery. Wet and heavy is never a good thing. . .

I had a big cup of coffee and set out for some shoveling! What a woman! I had the driveways all done before the rest of the gang was even out of bed!

And this is what I’ve been working on today.  It’s the wool from Feederbrook Farm.  It is a delight to spin and I love the colors.  I’m hoping to get it plyed tonight.

A shot of the cat.  Perfectly content.  Just sayin’.

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Well, this is what the Rowing Cat has been doing this week! How about your teenager – I bet they all look exactly the same this week!

I finished spinning this yarn – two different alpaca’s.  Sooooo soft!

This is a beautiful chocolate colored sheep’s wool from my workmate Pam!  One of her fleeces won Best Fleece at Rhinebeck this year, so I am very priviledged to have some of her fiber to spin!

This is what I’m thinking of making.  I received Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting for Christmas and this sweater is calling to me!

Here it is spinning up!  It will eventually be a two ply.

I blocked the Robin that I completed a few months ago.  It will be a gift – hope she likes it!

Here is the completed Samantha bag!  I really like the way it blocked out this week!

This is 100% wool from Feederbrook Farm.  It is spinning up beautifully.  I split in two and then pre-drafted a little.  I have to decide if I want to Navaho ply to maintain the stripes or to just go ahead and ply two bobbins together.

This will be next on my wheel.  Superwash merino called Hey There Cupcake by Wool Candy!  Beautiful!

And next will be a superwash merino called Flannel Pajamas by Enchanted Knoll Farm!

What have you been doing all week????

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