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Winter Weekend Activity

Last weekend was  snowy, icy and cold in Saratoga.  But we were still busy!  We spend some time in the wine cellar (yes, we have a small wine cellar!)  taking pictures of a wrought iron table.  This will be the newest addition to the catalog of items my husband makes in his wrought iron welding shop. Elegant, wouldn’t you say?  I think everyone should have one!

When I get up in the morning, well before everyone else, I like to bundle up on the couch under a blanket with my coffee.  This is a closeup of the blanket I crocheted and crocheted and crocheted for Mark.  In my mind it took FOREVER to finish.  But it is very warm and snuggly.  Perfect for an early winter morning!

This is the book I’m currently reading during my morning quiet time.  It is really a fantastic story of hope, survival and sheer perseverance.  It really puts all of my day to day problems/annoyances in perspective.  And the writing is wonderful.  I highly recommend this book to anyone.


Oh, did I mention that it is deep winter here?  We have had an enormous amount of snow and ice this winter.  And that means backup on the roof.  Luckily my Dad has a roof rake, so Mark and I spent the morning on the deck pulling snow off of the roof.  But do you see that corner he’s working on?  The water and ice just build and build and build right there.  Our goal was to clear out that corner so that some runoff could happen.  That’s a large piece of wrought iron he’s using to get through the ice.  Whew.  That was quite a project.

Once that was done I felt compelled to relax!  A cup of coffee, a brownie (you can’t tell that there were two brownies on that plate, can you?) and my bookclub book.  The Housekeeper and the Professor is the Saratoga Reads book this year.  My bookclub decided that we should probably go ahead and read it.  It is a lovely book.  I enjoyed it and was intrigued by the way the author integrated all of the math into the narrative.  Once again, I recommend this heartily!


My friend Crista bought a skein of yarn from my Etsy Shop a few weeks ago.  When I delivered it to her, she made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  She has about 5 pounds of very soft llama roving.  She said that she would split it with me if I would spin her half into yarn for her to knit with.  Who could say no to that???  She also said that I could combine it with a different fiber if I wanted to.  This is my first experiment.  I’ve combined it with mixed blue face leicster top from Miss Babs.  I think it looks great!


And finally, Sophia decided to rearrange her room this week.  That entailed taking all of the books off of her bookshelf.  She didn’t quite realize how many she had!

The high school musical tryouts are today, so we are in the midst of another busy weekend!  Hopefully I can sneak in a little spinning or knitting this afternoon!





















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