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Just a quickie post today – no knitting content!

I was asked by my surgeon if I would be willing to be interviewed by a local tv station about having regular mammograms. I agreed – if it encourages one woman to pick up the phone and make the call, it will be worth it.

So here is the link if you’d like to view it – short gray hair and all!


Go to the link and click on October Buddy Check Reminder.


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Another trip to Rhinebeck has come and gone. Sigh. My sister-in-law Tracey and I drove down yesterday morning. The weather was terrific! The weather on Friday was very rainy and windy, so we weren’t sure what the trip would bring, but it was beautiful. Warm and sunny all day with a light breeze. Lots of beautiful colors along the way too.

We were greeted upon arrival by this! These two horses were huge!

We spent time going through the vendor sites first – who could resist? I only purchased roving the entire day – do you believe it?? I’ve really been enjoying spinning and the range of roving available was wonderful.

We had to take Tracey’s picture with some sheep. She kept threatening my brother that she was going to bring one home!

And of course, who can resist such cute llamas?

YES! I spotted the Yarn Harlot and just had to snap her picture! I’m sure Tracey thought I was a little bit nuts, but I had to do it!

One more sheep!

We had a great day. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. I bought roving, Tracey bought yarn, we had some delicious food and we saw some great animals! Plus, just being with so many fiber lovers in general was terrific! There were some beautiful knitted garments being displayed and compliments were flowing left and right! I’ll post pictures of my haul and give a SockWars update later in the week.

Oh yes, I had to post a picture of Mark’s new (old) boat. He just finished the varnish job. And be forewarned – the Head of the Fish Regatta is being held next weekend. Remember the Fish Head from last year???

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Whew! I’m taking a short break from the Wars! I’m almost done with my first sock and have acquired a knitting injury on my left index fingertip. I’ll be pulling out the bandaids and continuing on. My assassin is definitely going to get my beautiful pair of socks in the mail tomorrow morning and my target is also done with her pair of socks. I think I can do it today though! I just can’t wait to get my pair!

I thought I’d post some pictures of last weekend. Gore Mountain held a family weekend/open house. We went up on Sunday morning. Of course, the clouds had closed in and we did not see much on the Gondola ride, but it was fun anyway! Here’s the Rowing Cat – once again in a typical teenager pose! She turns 14 on Tuesday – I can’t believe it. Where does the time go?? But, she’s President of her class and Captain of her volleyball team and a straight A student. So I can’t complain! Let’s hope it keeps up!

Of course, there is fiber everywhere! These lovely ladies were on display at Gore! Notice the blue ribbon? This was won last year at Rhinebeck!

Here’s the Gondola.

And here’s Mark explaining something to his mother. The view would have been spectacular if only the sun was out! And don’t you know, as we were pulling out of the parking lot, the sun was burning off the clouds . . .

And do you remember that baby blanket I made that the Rowing Cat wanted to keep? Here’s a picture of little Oscar enjoying the softness! What a cutie!

Ok – I must return to the war. The Pumpkin Bread needs to come out of the oven too!

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Sock Wars

The Sock Wars have begun. I’ll report back when I have completed my mission or been assasinated!

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