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I’ve realized that I’ve been doing lots and lots of “plain” knitting recently. My socks have been simple ribs, I’m working the plainest possible Pi Shawl, my top-down sweater is rounds of knit and purl and I’m planning a Moderne Baby Blanket for a friend. And I am enjoying every minute. Maybe that should be my focus this year?? I’m not missing lace at all so far. But, at the same time, I’m adding in a little project here and there just to add a little interest. But I am loving the simplicity for now!

We had a great dinner last night with our friends Karen and Ron. We had crabcakes and Barolo risotto (made with Barolo wine) with a delicious cheesecake for dessert. The cheesecake was made by my friend Sam. I made her the turquoise and brown Market Bag and she’s making me two cheesecakes – it doesn’t get much better than that! It was wonderful not to have to worry about making dessert. Especially with all of the cleaning that had to be done. How does a house get so cluttered and dusty????

The Rowing Cat is off for the week for February break. She deserves a little break – she got a 99.44 GPA for second quarter. I guess she can have some time off 😉 She does have play practice three days this week though. The kids are doing Damn Yankees and the play is going to be at the Spa Little Theater next month. They’re very excited about this – it’s a REAL THEATER! Should be fun!

Blogger is a little wonky today – I can’t get my pictures straight, but you get the idea! Here’s a little hat I whipped up called Miss Alice. The pattern is interesting to knit and can be finished up in an evening. I used some worsted weight that I had hanging around the closet. The Rowing Cat promptly claimed it!

I finally started spinning up the beautiful blue roving I purchased at Rhinebeck. I thinking about trying a three ply with this because I have three bumps. I’m trying to spin pretty thin because I don’t want the finished yarn to be too thick.

Here’s the bag all felted. This was so much fun to knit and the color combo is fab!

And here is the progress on the Pi Shawl, just knitting and knitting and knitting . . .!

Oh yes, I took the girls to see Coraline last weekend in 3D! It was fun – go see it!


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